Our Achievements

We run pools, have affiliations with pools, run masternodes, we have several mining operations, and are involved in some mining Operating Systems

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Our History

Some of us have been in the crypto mining industry long enough to have mined bitcoin with CPUs.

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Our Mission

To use our knowledge and experience to make your entrance into the mining industry as easy as possible, with maximum profitability, as well as assist and co-operate with some of the older players in the mining field.

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How to get in contact
Discord: https://discord.gg/87MnGe Skype: dragoncrypto888

We have several years in the mining industry, we even started mining bitcoin with CPU’s. Now that’s a while ago.

We are passionate about crypto mining, and want to help as many people join the cause. We also have the experience to help the guys with a few years experience, we stay up to date with the latest happenings.


We are involved in the creation of new mining specific operating systems, to make your mining more efficient and profitable.


We have a close affiliation with Whalesburg, a very smart profit switching pool. This affiliation also brings you more profits as you mine.

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