How to SSH to your SMOS rig

SSH to your (SMOS) rig with this guide.

What you would need

  1. An SSH tool, I prefer MobaXterm, because copying files between your Windows machine and SMOS rig is simple. Or puTTy or similar.
  2. Your rigs internal network IP address
  3. Be on the same internal network as your rig. If you want to remotely SSH to your rig, you will have to enable port forwarding – which opens your rig to all kinds of people with malicious intent.

Find your rigs internal IP address

Your SMOS console will provide you with your rigs IP address – hover over your rig name to see it.

SSH to your rig

Open MobaXterm, and perform the following:

1 – Click on session

2 – Click on SSH

3 – Enter your rigs IP address which you found in SMOS console

4 – Enter username – miner – password will be YOURACCOUNTMAIL but your will enter it in the next step

5 – Click on okay

6 – You will see your terminal window open, which looks like this one below

7 – Type in your password – which is your email address that you put in the config file when you started SMOS. Note: linux passwords display black – so you won’t see asterisks as you type. Just type your full email address, and press enter.

8 – You are now SSH’ed into your rig!

So now what? Here is a list of things you can do:

View mining consoleScreen -x miner
Set -dcri values In console view press – or + on your keyboard
See card mining infoIn console view press S on your keyboard
Get out of mining console viewPress CTRL + A + D
See card detailssudo /root/utils/atiflash -i
Stop the miner from miningkillall screen
Backup your biossudo /root/utils/atiflash -s <card number> <rom file name>
Write biossudo /root/utils/atiflash -p <card number> <rom file name>
Reboot rigsudo reboot
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