Most profitable pool experiment

Note: We have suspended this comparison, as the whalesburg account now attracts an extra 0.5% due to the release of the whalesburg token, and the accompanying promotion. We start a new comparison, with several whalesburg accounts, including tiered benefits, as well as a zero benefit account. We will also include more pools, as well as global hashrate comparisons.

We have been mining with Whalesburg for many months now, and we have written other articles about Whalesburg’s great attributes on this blog. It is safe to assume we like Whalesburg. In our opinion, they have an excellent product and excellent service.

Today, we would like to test the Whalesburg claim to be up to 15% more profitable than other pools. 

We started our experiment on 10 December 2018, and we are very excited to see the outcome!

Intro – like what are we doing?

We are measuring the profitability of several pools, up against each other.

We will share the progress, and our miners links to the pools, so you can follow for yourself, fully transparent.

We will be mining for ETH, solo, pool, and where profit-switching is available, we will profit-switch within the ETHASH (daggerhashimoto) algorithm.

Who are we and why can you trust our assessment?

Well, it’s not really our assessment – we will be running this fully transparent because we want to enable you to see the Tree within the Mining Forest and make your own conclusions.

We have been mining for about 8 years now, and we have forged some good relationships and affiliations over the years. We have learnt some stuff over time.

We truly want to make mining easy, and most profitable for all miners, especially GPU miners.

More info on us here.

So wheres the action!?

At this moment, this is what we have, linked live for your convenience: *hashrate updated 20.12.2018 11:00

If you have any suggestions, or think another pool should join the race, let me know through the comments or any of the social media channels at the end of the article.

Tech specs

We have aimed two 100% identical 6GPU rigs at each pool.


We will update the article daily with results. We analyse the results to make it more meaningful and easy to read. We will also publish a video with the final conclusion. 

Running commentary

In the chart below, we compare the percentage difference to Whalesburg income. Whalesburg will always be 0%, whilst showing how much more profitable they are compared to the other pools.

*We have suspended this comparison, as the whalesburg account now attracts an extra 0.5% due to the release of the whalesburg token, and the accompanying promotion.

*nicehash performance is directly affected by BTC vs ETH values, and the difference in their performance.

*24 December – one rig serving whalesburg went down for 69 hours (during holidays) and was compensated with an extra rig until 30 December.

*17 December – we had a nicehash outing for 24 hours. We added extra rigs to compensate. 

*13 December – we lost connectivity to some pools for 2,5 hours. We corrected by disabling the other pools for 2,5 hours.

*Full data table here.

Increase your mining income and rewards!

Start mining at Whalesburg through our affiliate program with them, and mine for one month free as a tier 2 miner with no whalesburg tokens! That means you will mine at 101% profit for a month, without investing in whalesburg tokens!

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About DragonCrypto

I am definitely not an expert – I am a very passionate miner though! Mirelle Dismenol and myself strive to make mining more accessible, fun and profitable for all, even for the environment. We truly believe in the future of blockchain, and we hope our efforts contribute to the future success of blockchain and it’s technologies.

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