About us

Mirelle Dismenol

Mirelle started fiddling with computers at the age of 9. During slow times in his early career in the hospitality industry, he supported himself by offering IT services. He built his first mining rigs by salvaging discarded computer parts, and started mining when bitcoin was around $1.25 in 2010.

By paying close attention to the crypto cycles and waves, he managed to sell at the right times, allowing him to invest in more mining equipment.

He is passionate about GPU and CPU mining and has a huge opinion against ASIC mining. Due to his many years mining, he has good contacts with mining operating systems writers, dev guys, ghost BIOS mod guys, pools, like whalesburg, etc.

Mirelle is currently also the CTO for helveticmine.com, where he uses his craft and skills to contribute to his dream of creating a borderless world.

Elize Neethling (a.k.a. DragonCrypto)

Elize spent a couple of years focussing on information and cyber security, dabbling for a few years in IT Operations, and then the crypto bug bit her early in 2018.

She found it quite frustrating that there is a lot of helpful information out there for the noob miner, but yet it took her hours to trawl and find the correct and specific info that she needed.

Elize has thrown her weight behind Mirelle, to help other noobs onboard onto mining, make mining fun, and make GPU mining profitable again.

The reasons behind people mining is very important to Elize, where she believes crypto and the blockchain has a far bigger cause than just to try to make a quick buck, as many people currently do.

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