SSH to your mmpOS rig

SSH to your mmpOS rig with this guide.

What would you need

1 – An SSH tool, we prefer MobaXterm, because copying files between your Windows machine and mmpOS rig is simple. Or puTTy or similar.

2 – Your rigs internal network IP address

3 – Be on the same internal network as your rig. If you want to remotely SSH to your rig, you will have to enable port forwarding – which opens your rig to all kinds of people with malicious intent. Port forwarding is not recommended.

*all commands can be typed or copied

Find your rigs internal IP address

1 – Log into your dashboard

2 – click on “rigs”

3 – in the rigs window, click on the rig you want to connect to

4 – scroll through the tabs on the top to the last one called “system”

5 – see your IP address – write it down or remember it.

SSH to your rig

Open MobaXterm, and perform the following:

1 – Click on “session”

2 – Click on “SSH”

3 – Enter your rigs IP address which you just found through the dashboard

4 – Click on “okay”

1 – The default username is “miner”, and the default password is “mmpOS”.

2 – Your password won’t show as you type it into the console – just type it carefully and correct and press enter.

3 – It is highly recommended that you change the password by typing passwd, type the current password (mmpOS) and input your new password twice.

When you are logged on successfully, your screen should look like the one below. Take into account that these guys are continuously improving and upgrading their product, so the options might change somewhat.

You can now perform some of the commands that showed up in the “useful commands” listing, or perform the command line tasks that you were instructed to do by the support guys.


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