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Whalesburg – easy to use profit switching pool


  • Easy to use interface
  • Easy to start
  • Awesome stats page with meaningful information

The miners’ pool hunting exercise

If your mining career is anything like mine, you have faced many challenges. My challenges started way before I started mining. It started with which equipment to buy, GPU or ASIC, which GPU or ASIC, which algorithm do I want to mine, where do I find all of this information, and so forth. I will publish some guides and help on these questions in separate articles 🙂

Once you start mining, on that very first day, you face the huge question of “which pool”.

You probably start with the biggest pools, because you think “they have to be good, right?”. In the days and weeks that follow, terms like poolfees, profit switching, cost to run and mining calculators start playing in your brains.

It took me a few months of pool switching and research to find useful information, primarily because you read opposing information in forums, so eventually you don’t know who to believe.

Which is why I started my own trial and error approach.

I found many pools, which don’t give you information – some don’t give you historical info, like how your rig performed, you can see when it went down, some just give you the coins you have earned, without projecting how you will perform in the future (based on past performance).

I have found pools that give you loads of technical information, but it takes 15 minutes to figure out how to configure your miner to mine at the pool. Some of these pools made me feel like I don’t know enough to mine, and mining is reserved for the l33t.

Then Mirelle Dismenol invited me onto Whalesburg profit switching pool. I have been mining there ever since.

What grabbed me about the Whalesburg interface is the following:

  • Easy, built in profit switching
  • Easy config and joining
  • No registration required to mine
  • Telegram notifications
  • Awesome support
  • Easy to read mining stats

Easy, built in profit switching

I have written a separate article on whalesburg profit switching here. But in summary, they mine the algorithm, and not the coin. You don’t have to profit hunt, they do it for you. Their back end system is very efficient, which leads to the lowest uncle rate in the industry, and more. The current coin mined is shown on the dashboard, convenient, transparent and easy to understand.

Here are some real examples – I took screenshots of some of the coin switches and activities.

Whalesburg coin switching screenshots

Easy config and joining

Whalesburg offers a click and copy config tool. This takes all of the questions out of setting up your miner. Click click, paste your wallet, type your worker name, and copy your command string.

Easy config page

Even if you rent hardware, they provide easy info:

Rented hardware config info.

No registration required to mine

Anonymous mining is supported, you do not need to register with whalesburg to mine, just point your miner and sit back!

Telegram notifications

Once you have started mining, you can subscribe to the telegram bot. Set this bot to your requirements, and always be informed.

Find the telegram bot details here.

This is what it looks like:

Telegram bot actuals

Awesome support

Whalesburg has a strong support team whom provide direct support via their telegram group, usually within the half hour, depending on the time of day.

Easy to read mining stats

Well, here we have a huge differentiator. All of your stats on one page, and easy to access. Many of these stats and info exists in other pools, but
whalesburg brings the best of all the info into one easy to manage place.

Your income is forecast based on your actual past and current hashrate:

Income, forecast, hashrate and current coin.

Current hashrate, Average hashrate and reported hashrate is reported, and presented in a graph, as well as total shares graph:

Total graphs on hashrate and shares.

List of workers – and detailed graphs per worker. Very handy to check on the expected performance of your rigs, especially if you have more than one:

Detailed graph per worker.

Profits graph, where you can see profits per day, and which coins contributed to your profits:

Profits graph.

Payouts information – note that the transaction fees are paid by the pool:


Rewards – You can also export your payouts and rewards to CSV for your own analysis:



Whalesburg is truly a very cool and functional pool. They do offer well structured information about your own stats, as well as pool stats, like blocks and pool strength as well.

They are continuously improving their interface, servers, and services. You can see more on their pages on medium here.

Increase your mining income and rewards!

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Here’s how:

About DragonCrypto

I am definitely not an expert – I am a very passionate miner though! Mirelle Dismenol and myself strive to make mining more accessible, fun and profitable for all, even for the environment. We truly believe in the future of blockchain, and we hope our efforts contribute to the future success of blockchain and it’s technologies.