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Whalesburg profit switching pool

Update 22 November 2018: below to PPLNS method.


  • Make up to 15% more mining with Whalesburg profit switching pool
  • Use our affiliate program to join and save 33% on pool fees

We, the profit hunting crypto miners

It’s been almost 10 years since the mining of crypto coins have become possible, and the world has changed a lot since then.

Whether you’ve been in the game since 2009, or only for a few months, you know this: it ain’t as easy as it used to be, and profits and gainz have dwindled.

As coin difficulties increase each day, and the value of coins fluctuate like a roller coaster ride, you have to focus on a mining strategy that aligns with your personal reasons of why you started mining in the first place. Whether it be mining for profit, or to gather some coinz, mine to trade, or to satisfy your inner nerd…

Most of us would like to make the most out of our rigs, and due to coin fluctuations, you probably have spent days switching pools, switching coins, and clicking refresh on whatomine and coinwarz. They are great sites to use to understand and get an overview, but if you have to respond to each coins momentary blip, you will be a very very busy person.

Logically, you need some smart and automated system to watch and manage profitability for you. Profit switching pools are currently the smartest solution to this profit hunting problem.

The benefit of  “mine the algorithm, not the coin” becomes very clear as you do your research on increasing your immediate profits by that extra percent or two.

To that end, we have become affiliated with
Whalesburg, the most profitable profit switching pool we could find.

Whalesburg profit switching pool boasts to be up to 15% more profitable*than other pools.

This is due to:

  • Their profit switching algorithm is automated, very well thought through, and far more intelligent than any manual decision making;
  • Lowest uncle rate in the industry (this alone makes them 10.8% more profitable);
  • Algo wide PPS+ for more consistent daily payouts – details here PPLNS (miners mine different coins, but rewards are distributed team wide, via their unique PPLNS method.); and
  • Server side profit switching.

Whalesburg currently mines ethash, with ethereum (ETH), ethereum classic (ETC), ubiq (UBQ) and expanse (EXP). More algorithms and more coins are currently in the pipeline.

Increase your mining income and rewards!

Start mining at Whalesburg through our affiliate program with them, and mine for one month free as a tier 2 miner with no whalesburg tokens! That means you will mine at 101% profit for a month, without investing in whalesburg tokens!

Here’s how:

 * we will do an article or our comparison results, watch this space

About DragonCrypto

I am definitely not an expert – I am a very passionate miner though! Mirelle Dismenol and myself strive to make mining more accessible, fun and profitable for all, even for the environment. We truly believe in the future of blockchain, and we hope our efforts contribute to the future success of blockchain and it’s technologies.